Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lightbulb moment

Please tell me I am not the only person who can tell other people something over and over, without really getting it yourself. Again and again, I tell fellow 12WBTers, if you're injured or sick and can't exercise, eat clean. It's 80% nutrition.

This past week I have hardly had time to exercise - I know that is an excuse but this week it is actually a pretty valid one. Hubby is away for the week working, I had credit card fraud to deal with (including making loads of phone calls to stop payments and then again today when I got the new card). I've worked every day at my day job, plus my deadline for my work-from-home job has been brought forward from next Monday to this Thursday. I've been job-hunting for a new job to replace my temp day job, because the hours/conditions are not really working for me. I'm planning a house move in a few weeks. The kids have Thursday and Friday as pupil-free days. I've got a cold. So I can't go to the gym because I'm working during all the creche hours, and I can't run outside because there's no-one to watch the kids (don't have a running pram for the littlest), there's no space to do much inside my house AND it's been raining. It is just one of THOSE weeks, and thankfully won't be repeated.

BUT, since I was stressed, I ate crap. Now I am just stressed AND bloated AND I've had a weight gain. If I couldn't exercise, why the heck didn't I take my own advice and eat clean?!

Bit of a lightbulb moment for me. I could still have lost weight this week, if I'd eaten right.

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