Sunday, June 5, 2011

I'm back!

I didn't actually go anywhere, but my mind was a bit absent. I am BACK on the horse, though, and managed to smash a Super Saturday Session yesterday. Here's (rather poor-quality) photographic evidence:

5km run to Kings Park, followed by a Pain in Kings Park training session with the fab Perth 12WBT crew, followed by the 5km back home. If you can't read the number underneath my heart rate, it says 1501 calories - I got to my gate and it was 1480, so I kept running until it hit 1500. *grin*

Today I overslept after being woken up half a dozen times overnight by various children, so missed my planned outing for the morning, but I am going to do a DVD once they're in bed. Tomorrow is a public holiday in Perth, and I've got a fun run planned with my elder daughter, hopefully she is up to it as she has been a bit under the weather. 3km, not a lot for me, but a lot for her - she's only eight.

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