Wednesday, June 29, 2011


My original goal weight was 65kg. This week I weighed in at 64.2kg! That makes 17.1kg since beginning this journey less than six months ago ... and what next? Keep going, follow the program, maybe after the half-marathon in August focus more on strength rather than cardio.

Monday, June 27, 2011


We have moved next door for the duration of the renovations. Problem is, we had very little notice, it had to be this weekend because next weekend my partner will be away. My father got suddenly summoned back to the UK as his father is unwell, so he couldn't help much (he is still here but has a million things to do before he leaves tomorrow). I really hope moving house counts as exercise because it's all I did this weekend!

With that and being sick I haven't run in almost two weeks. Tomorrow morning it is going to rain, but I am going to run. In fact, there's a severe weather warning but the worst shouldn't hit until 9am and I'll be back by 6.45am to get ready for work. I'm just going to be doing intervals so I won't be far from home anyway, should it turn scary out there.

I am looking forward to it! Then the 10km Women's Classic on Sunday. I also have a job interview on Wednesday afternoon, so cross your fingers for me! Permanent part-time would be so much better than this temp/short shift gig.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sorry to be away so long

Sorry, my poor neglected blog.

I've been sick since Saturday, I suspect tonsillitis, but just as I thought I *might* have to go to either the doctor or the naturopath and get something heavy-duty to kill it off, it turned the corner. Now my throat is almost better, but I am still wiped out because I did not rest while I was sick. No time to rest!!

I've been getting our old house ready for sale, and getting this one ready for renovations, which are now scheduled to start on July 7. Believe me, this is exciting! Demolishing an old lean-to extension, converting the current kitchen to ensuite and laundry, and then building a new main bathroom, living, dining and kitchen area. With good luck, it might be done by Christmas. (Don't worry, I'm not holding my breath.)

Anyway, I haven't exercised since a kick-arse session on Saturday morning - except for all the walking I do by necessity - but I've been eating clean, in fact probably not eating quite enough because my throat hurt so much, and lost another 700g at this week's weigh-in. That puts me 300g from my initial goal!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Week three blogging challenge

My greatest support.

Easy. It has to be the Perth crew. My partner tries, I love him for it, and my mum is a huge support in lots of ways that are indirectly related to my health and lifestyle, but this group of people are just amazing.

I don't make friends easily - online is easy enough but too often that doesn't translate to real life or true in-depth support (I do have one other group of friends I met online who are similarly awesome when it comes to parent-type support). The Perth crew are loud, but they listen. They're proud, of themselves but of others in the group too. They offer congratulations when I do well; hugs and just the right balance of tough love when I don't do so well.

We're such a diverse group of people too, in age, occupation, fitness levels, outlook on life.

I would not have made it this far without them.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Three awesome things about today!

1. Last night I booked my flights to Brisbane for the Round 2 finale workout and party! They only cost me $119 all up; the return flight is paid for with my credit card reward points, and the flight to Brisbane was only $107 with Jetstar, which is an absolutely phenomenal price for Perth->Brisbane (it's actually less than my flights to Melbourne cost).

2. This morning I ran 14.5km, a distance PB for me. I did 13.9km at the Run for a Reason, but had only ever done 12km on my own before - as any fun-runner will know, you kind of get pushed along by the momentum of the other runners and pushing yourself on your own is harder. The speed wasn't great (average pace 6:30/km) but i wanted to make sure I could do the distance. Next week for my Week 4 mini-milestone, I will go a bridge further and aim for about 19km, preparing for the half-marathon in August.

3. After my post-run shower I sneaked a peek on the scales and they say 65.2kg!! That's only 200g from my initial goal, and a loss of 16.1kg since the start of this year.

*doing a happy dance*

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Not again :(

My partner has to go interstate for work again next week. That is now every second week for the past six weeks. All the disadvantages of a FIFO spouse - single parenting for a week - without the advantages, given that most FIFO workers are actually off work for the time they are home. He isn't, plus most FIFO workers based here in Perth are only flying within the state, whereas flying to Brisbane from Perth crosses timezones and takes five hours.

It makes it really hard. The food side, okay, I should be able to control. But the exercise ... it means no morning runs, no gym,and that by the time I get three kids to bed on my own and clear up the detritus of an evening's sole parenting, finding the energy to exercise indoors is really hard for me. Not to mention evening swimming classes and two evenings of soccer training & walking the kids back on my own.

Sorry for the whinge, it's just really getting me down. But it's life, I'll have to deal with it. At least next week isn't deadline week like last week was.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weigh-in day

1kg down this week. That brings me within 1.6kg of my initial goal. Eeep!! Today I bought a size 10 bikini online, really hoping that fits me for my progress shots because the two-piece I've been wearing since the start, is way too big and has GONE!

Miss Almost-three woke me a few times in the night, so I didn't manage to get up for my run, BUT my partner finished work earlier than usual and came with us to soccer training this evening, so I managed to squeeze in a 5km run around the park where the kids train. 442 cals ... add in the walk to and from work this morning & the ab exercises I'm going to do tonight, and that's ok.

Tomorrow: weights. Friday: to the gym for the first time in ages, hopefully work is quiet and I get out early so I have plenty of time before school pick-up.

Monday, June 6, 2011

This week's resolution

Do ab work EVERY night. Even if it's ten minutes in my pyjamas, which is what I just did. Easy, doesn't need equipment or much space. No excuses.

I can feel my abs regaining some strength. I can do planks! My new Facebook profile pic is me doing a side plank and managing to smile at the same time!

This one:

The equipment

For a sport that's basically free, running sure is full of ways to spend money.

My shoes are about a year old, so I need new ones, according to the experts. I should also have a second pair for cross-training. I have a heart rate monitor. I recently bought a Halo headband with speakers instead of annoying earphones that fall out when I run. I have Skins for cold-weather running and recovery. A Belkin armband for my iPhone so I can listen to music and use RunKeeper. I just got a FuelBelt for carrying water & electrolyte drink when running long distances. A running vest for cold mornings.

It's ok. None of it is truly necessary, I'm spending money on a hobby the way I have spent it on hobbies in the past (I do wish I could make the time to get back into sewing and knitting!) It's just kind of funny.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I'm back!

I didn't actually go anywhere, but my mind was a bit absent. I am BACK on the horse, though, and managed to smash a Super Saturday Session yesterday. Here's (rather poor-quality) photographic evidence:

5km run to Kings Park, followed by a Pain in Kings Park training session with the fab Perth 12WBT crew, followed by the 5km back home. If you can't read the number underneath my heart rate, it says 1501 calories - I got to my gate and it was 1480, so I kept running until it hit 1500. *grin*

Today I overslept after being woken up half a dozen times overnight by various children, so missed my planned outing for the morning, but I am going to do a DVD once they're in bed. Tomorrow is a public holiday in Perth, and I've got a fun run planned with my elder daughter, hopefully she is up to it as she has been a bit under the weather. 3km, not a lot for me, but a lot for her - she's only eight.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lightbulb moment

Please tell me I am not the only person who can tell other people something over and over, without really getting it yourself. Again and again, I tell fellow 12WBTers, if you're injured or sick and can't exercise, eat clean. It's 80% nutrition.

This past week I have hardly had time to exercise - I know that is an excuse but this week it is actually a pretty valid one. Hubby is away for the week working, I had credit card fraud to deal with (including making loads of phone calls to stop payments and then again today when I got the new card). I've worked every day at my day job, plus my deadline for my work-from-home job has been brought forward from next Monday to this Thursday. I've been job-hunting for a new job to replace my temp day job, because the hours/conditions are not really working for me. I'm planning a house move in a few weeks. The kids have Thursday and Friday as pupil-free days. I've got a cold. So I can't go to the gym because I'm working during all the creche hours, and I can't run outside because there's no-one to watch the kids (don't have a running pram for the littlest), there's no space to do much inside my house AND it's been raining. It is just one of THOSE weeks, and thankfully won't be repeated.

BUT, since I was stressed, I ate crap. Now I am just stressed AND bloated AND I've had a weight gain. If I couldn't exercise, why the heck didn't I take my own advice and eat clean?!

Bit of a lightbulb moment for me. I could still have lost weight this week, if I'd eaten right.