Thursday, June 9, 2011

Not again :(

My partner has to go interstate for work again next week. That is now every second week for the past six weeks. All the disadvantages of a FIFO spouse - single parenting for a week - without the advantages, given that most FIFO workers are actually off work for the time they are home. He isn't, plus most FIFO workers based here in Perth are only flying within the state, whereas flying to Brisbane from Perth crosses timezones and takes five hours.

It makes it really hard. The food side, okay, I should be able to control. But the exercise ... it means no morning runs, no gym,and that by the time I get three kids to bed on my own and clear up the detritus of an evening's sole parenting, finding the energy to exercise indoors is really hard for me. Not to mention evening swimming classes and two evenings of soccer training & walking the kids back on my own.

Sorry for the whinge, it's just really getting me down. But it's life, I'll have to deal with it. At least next week isn't deadline week like last week was.

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