Saturday, June 11, 2011

Three awesome things about today!

1. Last night I booked my flights to Brisbane for the Round 2 finale workout and party! They only cost me $119 all up; the return flight is paid for with my credit card reward points, and the flight to Brisbane was only $107 with Jetstar, which is an absolutely phenomenal price for Perth->Brisbane (it's actually less than my flights to Melbourne cost).

2. This morning I ran 14.5km, a distance PB for me. I did 13.9km at the Run for a Reason, but had only ever done 12km on my own before - as any fun-runner will know, you kind of get pushed along by the momentum of the other runners and pushing yourself on your own is harder. The speed wasn't great (average pace 6:30/km) but i wanted to make sure I could do the distance. Next week for my Week 4 mini-milestone, I will go a bridge further and aim for about 19km, preparing for the half-marathon in August.

3. After my post-run shower I sneaked a peek on the scales and they say 65.2kg!! That's only 200g from my initial goal, and a loss of 16.1kg since the start of this year.

*doing a happy dance*

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