Sunday, November 20, 2011

New blog!

I've combined both my existing blogs into a more all-purpose one and imported all my old posts:

Come and join me!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Why the new SKINS ad campaign is sexist

What's wrong with this picture? Not a whole lot, you might answer. Think on it for a second, and now look at this one:

(photos are screencaps from the Skins website)

Still confused? I don't have a picture, but apparently the new print ad that accompanies the new women's line, running in magazines like Women's Health and Grazia, highlights our need to "hide our wobbly bits".

Whoa, hold up a minute. Am I buying shapewear - you know, those 'suck it in' undies and slips to smooth all those horrible wobbly bits and make us look more like a "perfect woman" without actually being any healthier - or am I buying performance compression sportswear? (Confession: I own shapewear. Part foolish vanity, partly my propensity to bloat due to food intolerances. However, that's beside the point in this particular case.)

If I were a man, obviously I'd be buying Skins for the improved recovery and purported performance benefits. Since I'm a woman, I obviously don't want or need strength and performance, I simply want to look better.

Actually, I am a woman and I am a runner, and I did buy Skins to improve my recovery times from long runs and tough workouts. Since I DO want strength and performance, I guess I'll be looking for a different brand of compression sportswear to help me meet my goals.