Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Free exercise equipment near playgrounds in Perth

On my travels I am attempting to take note of playgrounds in parks that have adult exercise equipment near by. If I know a few within easy cycling distance, I can try to make a habit of going there with my youngest after taking the older two to school. She can play and I can use the equipment and do other outdoors exercises.

I live in the inner suburbs, so this obviously is reflected in the list! Feel free to comment if you know of others close by or in other areas of Perth.

Robertson Park, Fitzgerald St/Palmerston St, Perth
Small but adequate playground, a decent distance from the busy road (Fitzgerald St). Four pieces of exercise equipment, two on either side of the playground. Toilets, drinking fountain.

Hyde Park, Vincent/William/Throssell/Glendower Sts, Perth
I included this because the playgrounds are great, but the exercise equipment is spread out around the lakes and most of it is not really close to the playground equipment. It's also very low-impact, I think useful for stretching or older folks more than those seeking to raise their heartrates. On the other hand, the larger playground itself offers a lot of scope for exercise, with low walls for step-ups, benches and poles. Toilets, drinking fountains.

Banks Reserve, Joel Tce, Mount Lawley
Fully-fenced playground, decent range of equipment. One set of exercise equipment next to playground, with another on the other side of a flat grassed area. Toilets, drinking fountains, half-basketball court.

Forrest Park, Harold St, Mount Lawley
Fully-fenced playground, nice and shaded, good equipment. Exercise equipment is a short distance away but in line of sight. There is also a cycle path around the park. In summer it is an off-leash dog exercise area and on winter weekends/evenings is quite busy with junior soccer. Toilets, drinking fountains.

Beatty Park Reserve, cnr Charles & Vincent sts, North Perth.
Small but interesting playground, in the corner of the reserve away from busy roads. Two pieces of exercise equipment close by. Toilets.


  1. Hi! Just to let you know that they have recently installed a fitness track/obstacle course at Selkirk Park in North Perth (next to Kyilla PS) which you might like to check out.

  2. There's a skinny park alongside Celebration Drive in Clarkson, spread throughout it (over a span of a couple of hundred metres) is 5-6 exercise stations..

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