Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 1, 12WBT!

A good and a bad day.

Bad because I have my period (yes, I do say the word 'period' on the Internet, half the world's population experiences them so I don't think I really need to say 'my monthly friend' or something. I have also been known to say the word 'vagina', so watch out!), a cold, and started having horrible back pain after taking the kids to swimming lessons this evening.

Good because I stuck to my eating plan, and did some of my workout plan. Luckily today was core/stretch day for me, as I switched the days around, so doing stretches actually helped my back. Now I'm having a cup of green tea with peppermint, instead of eating, before I make the kids' lunches for tomorrow and go to bed. I have my fingers crossed my back will feel okay in the morning so that I can run!

My Michelle Bridges DVDs finally arrived in the post, so if I'm feeling good I might do one of those during the day as well as the run in the morning.

Two days until weigh-in, and I'm not expecting to lose much due to bloating and a couple of bad food choices over the weekend. But I am going to stick to the program, and I am going to lose more. I've hit 5kg lost already, so my next goal is 10kg, at which point I buy some new clothes!

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