Saturday, February 26, 2011

Red flags

I think I should just put a huge red flag over this entire WEEK.

1. It's stinking hot and will be all week.
2. My brother's birthday is on Tuesday.
3. I have to do a secret shop on Tuesday.
4. My son's birthday is on Wednesday. (He'll be five! When did he get so big?) I have to bake cupcakes for him to take to school, and he's requested fast food for his special dinner.
5. My work deadline is Thursday. I work from home compiling a family events calendar. Generally the night or two before deadline is spent frantically editing with one hand and stuffing food in my mouth with the other hand.
6. There's a school cake stall on Friday for which I also have to bake.
7. We're having my son's birthday party on Saturday, for which I have to bake and prepare food for 30 children.
8. Then it's a long weekend.

Also this week I need to liaise with a plumber, an arborist, make a doctor's appointment, try to make some decisions for the upcoming pre-start on my house renovation project ...

I am STRESSED. I hate weeks like this. I can do it; I have to. But it's going to hurt, and my usual fallback in these situations is FOOD. Wish me luck!

What's the plan? I HAVE to get my exercise in first thing, even if that means getting up at 5am when I went to bed at 2am. There's just not going to be time most days to do it later, and it's going to be too hot. The food, well, I can't promise I won't eat any cake, but I'll try my hardest.

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