Saturday, February 26, 2011

But it's too hot!

I could so be rocking this excuse right now.

This is the 5-day weather forecast:

Forecast for Saturday
A mostly sunny and humid day. Light E'ly winds becoming light to moderate
W/SW'ly in the afternoon.

Precis: Very hot. Humid.
City: Max 38

Sunday Very hot. Partly cloudy. Min 25 Max 38
Monday Partly cloudy. Min 26 Max 35
Tuesday Sunny. Min 24 Max 37
Wednesday Very hot. Sunny. Min 24 Max 38
Thursday Sunny. Min 24 Max 37
Friday Partly cloudy. Min 25 Max 37

It's already been that way for the best part of a week.

And you know what? It IS a pain. I can't do outdoor workouts during the day, or even in the early evening. Luckily, I get my walking in because I have to. I run early in the morning, when it's still yucky - humidity this morning was 91% and it was already nearly 30 degrees - but not so bad that I'll die of heatstroke.

I can do indoor stuff after the kids go to bed or, again, early in the morning.

Besides, surely, SURELY, I am burning more calories than on cooler days, the amount of sweat that's coming off me!

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