Sunday, February 27, 2011

Verge find

My favourite season is coming up. I can hardly wait! Autumn, you ask? Of course not ... bulk rubbish collection in my neighbourhood! ;)

It's not for a few weeks, but some keen souls like to get in early. On my run yesterday morning I spied this:

I had to bring it home! It's missing one foot strap, but the pedals are both there. I have yet to get batteries for it and work out if the computer is working. If not, I'll probably still keep it in the backyard and use it without resistance for warm-ups or light cardio (no laps of the backyard here, what you can see in the photo is about all there is!) Well, it has to live in the backyard or on the front veranda anyway, no room inside. These retail at about $400, so if the computer does work, that's a real score.

I reckon I burned a few calories dragging the thing the four blocks home, too.

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