Monday, January 31, 2011

Good day/bad day

Yesterday was like one of those good news/bad news comics.

Bad news: I rolled over and turned off my alarm at 6am instead of going for a run.
Good news: I found time to go for a run at 4pm instead.

Bad news: I didn't run as far (only 3km) because I don't think my body likes afternoon runs as much as morning ones.
Good news: I finished off with some hill runs - run up the hill, walk down, repeat.

Bad news: I ate fish and chips for dinner because it was my mum's birthday.
Good news: I offered to bring a salad, and ate lots of salad and only a dozen chips.

Bad news: My partner left for the airport for another week away, at 9pm and it was hard to get the kids to bed. I ended up being awake until almost 3am once I finished my calendar (deadline today) and did the dishes, and had a Matso's ginger beer and a handful of lollies to keep me going.
Good news: I only drank one ginger beer, despite there being a six-pack in the fridge, and only ate a handful of lollies despite there being other junk food in the house.

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