Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Today was a Bad Parenting Day. My eight-year-old is pushing all my buttons - probably a combination of being the end of school holidays, and her dad being away for the week. Oh, and I am a Mean Mum because I didn't take all three of them down to the crowded foreshore on my own, for the fireworks ...

In the past, when I've had those days, as soon as I've gotten all the children to bed I've drowned my sorrows in food. If there was no junk food I'd make some, or eat healthy food but so much of it that it wasn't healthy.

I'd like to say I resisted temptation and exercised instead, but I wasn't *that* good. I had a vodka, fresh-squeezed lime juice & soda water (ignoring the six-pack of alcoholic ginger beer that is in my fridge), and 10g of dark chocolate (I have some individually-wrapped chocolate thins). And I sat and had it slowly, and enjoyed it, and that was enough.

As the title says, babysteps.

And what am I doing up? Painfully ekeing out that March calendar for work, doing up an invoice for the article I wrote, and trying NOT to procrastinate by blogging!

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