Monday, June 27, 2011


We have moved next door for the duration of the renovations. Problem is, we had very little notice, it had to be this weekend because next weekend my partner will be away. My father got suddenly summoned back to the UK as his father is unwell, so he couldn't help much (he is still here but has a million things to do before he leaves tomorrow). I really hope moving house counts as exercise because it's all I did this weekend!

With that and being sick I haven't run in almost two weeks. Tomorrow morning it is going to rain, but I am going to run. In fact, there's a severe weather warning but the worst shouldn't hit until 9am and I'll be back by 6.45am to get ready for work. I'm just going to be doing intervals so I won't be far from home anyway, should it turn scary out there.

I am looking forward to it! Then the 10km Women's Classic on Sunday. I also have a job interview on Wednesday afternoon, so cross your fingers for me! Permanent part-time would be so much better than this temp/short shift gig.

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