Sunday, May 29, 2011

Alastair does burpees

First, a note: I have had it pointed out to me that, for a post that was supposed to focus on my strengths, I indulged in a lot of negative self-talk in my previous post. Mea culpa. Just let it be known: I am awesome, hehe. I am actually in a better place with regard to self-esteem and self-belief than I have been in many years!

Now, for the fun stuff. When we were at the park watching my eight-year-old have soccer practice this week, Alastair (five years old) asked me if we could do burpees. Really, what can you say to that?

When he stops and shakes his head, it's because he didn't do it right. I think he is his mother's son.

After this, he sat on my back while I did push-ups (22kg of resistance!) and when I said I couldn't do any more, his response was: "Just one more! No, wait, three more!" Thanks, Alastair.

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