Wednesday, May 25, 2011

12WBT food ...

... is bloody brilliant.

Salmon, ginger & greens stir-fry the other night.

I have tried canned salmon (hated it) and smoked salmon (could take it or leave it) and wasn't too keen on trying the salmon fillets, but it was really good! Less fishy than canned, if that makes sense, the texture was great and the ginger really set it off.

Roast vegie salad with chickpeas and dill yogurt dressing last night. I took the photo before I drizzled the dressing on, silly me!

I loved this one, and I roasted the vegies before picking the kids up from school, so it was a super-quick meal once I'd done that part. We have swimming class on Tuesday evenings and don't get home until 6.30pm.

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