Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Final weigh-in

The 12 weeks are just about up. I would have loved to end on more of a high - I feel surrounded by people who have been absolutely blitzing it the last couple of weeks and I haven't managed to. In the end, however, I am very pleased with my results on the program.

Final stats:

7.7kg (10.12%) lost in the 12 weeks.
12.9kg lost including pre-season.
27cm lost in the 12 weeks (my waist is now NOT in the increased risk for heart disease range).
A lot learned!

I will be back for Round 2. I wasn't originally planning to, but I decided I still have enough to learn to make it worthwhile. I'm only allowing myself one more round, though. I WILL nail it this time, I will create true and lasting habits.

Right now I am going to focus on Melbourne. Two sleeps to go!

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