Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Round 2 - are you ready?

I wasn't originally going to do Round 2. I thought one round was enough; let's be honest - I'm a cheapskate!! But the last few weeks of Round 1, where I stuffed up, brought home to me that I do still need to be accountable. I need the support, and I need the virtual butt-kicking :P

Plus, my strength, and in particular my core, has a LONG way to go, and the gym and/or personal training sessions aren't feasible for me at the moment - so 12WBT it is.

My goals for this round:

- lose the last 3 and a bit kilos to get to my original goal weight. Re-assess this goal based on how I feel. It was always a bit of a stab in the dark as it's been so long since I was a shape I was happy with.
- run a half-marathon
- go hard in strength training
- get beyond stage 1 in the abs part of the fitness test! Oh God, I will throw a party the day I can do a full sit-up.

My back will thank me. It is better since I am carrying less weight around, but it still really bothers me sometimes, and I know I need that strong core to support my back. I've had three large babies - the girls were 4.3kg each, Alastair was a piddly little 3.1kg - and my abs still have a good one-inch gap, almost three years after my youngest was born.

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