Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Today was a better run

I still didn't manage to get up and do it before work, instead I did it after work, and it felt ok. Not as good as running first thing, but much better than the late afternoon effort the other day.

Evie was at daycare for the morning, so I had to pick her up by 12.30pm, but I wanted to get her a little early. I finished work just before 11am, went home, got changed and had about half an hour to spare. Not enough for a long run, so I just went to the park across the road and did interval running (1min faster pace, 1min30sec slower pace). My heartrate stayed quite high and I burned nearly 400 calories in the 30 minutes, so I'm happy with that! It's a tactic I'm going to have to use more now that I'm more pushed for time, and also now that it is darker in the mornings.

Of course, when I got to daycare Evie was asleep, so I should probably have waited to pick her up!! But we went and had lunch together as a treat: my going back to work hasn't been easy for her, either.

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