Friday, April 1, 2011

This week

I got a new MacBook Pro. It's very cool, but taking some getting used to! I've been using an HP Netbook that Evie broke half the keys off ages ago, heh, and the space bar finally gave up the ghost. The advantage of hubby working in high-level IT? Gadget allowance!

Tomorrow is a bit of a red flag day: a friend's wedding and reception. Plus the two-hour gap between the wedding and the reception when I would normally eat/or drink. I have a big group training session on Sunday morning - that'll be my 1000-calorie super session - but I am going to go for a run tomorrow morning too. Birthday party for the kids in the morning, so it needs to be a quick one. I might give intervals a go, squeeze as many calories as possible into 30 minutes.

I got up to the 10kg lost mark this week! My next mini-goal is to get under 70kg, and last Wednesday I was at 71kg.

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