Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New habits

Yesterday morning when I woke up for my run, I got an SMS that gave me a nasty shock. Don't worry, it's not bad health news for me or loved ones, it's a financial shock due to a completely idiotic mistake I made a few weeks ago. Ugh! I felt awful.

The old me would have gone back to bed and hidden under the covers, probably with as much chocolate or sweet stuff as I could scrounge up - and being the Easter weekend, that would have been a lot. It was tempting, so tempting. But I was already half-dressed.

So instead I finished getting ready, laced those shoes up, and JFDI. Took out my frustration with myself, on the pavement and the steps of Jacob's Ladder instead. 3.5km there, 6 laps down and up, 3.5km back. 1.5 hours, more than 1000 calories.

MUCH better way to deal with it, I was pretty much over it by the time I got home.

Still have the bill to pay, though, who wants to buy some Phoenix cards?!?! LOL.

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