Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A little bit of a good thing

When I was a child, we couldn't easily get Cadbury Creme Eggs here in Australia. Well, it was either that or we couldn't afford them. I'm not really sure which, but at any rate, they weren't absolutely everywhere like they are now. Every Easter, my grandparents would send us a six-pack over from England - let's not even get started on sending chocolate across the world via the postal service! They always got here in one piece. Six: one for each member of the family.

I treasured that Creme Egg. Some years I ate it before anything else, savouring every bite. Other years I carefully hoarded it and saved it until I'd eaten all my other chocolate; which, mind you, I ate very slowly.

At some point on my way to growing up - probably when I got my first job at 16 - I realised that they were all over the supermarket and convenience stores from the minute the Christmas stuff got cleared out. So I would buy one, not all the time, but enough so that they were no longer treasured and savoured.

I think this is one of my problems with food in general: I eat because it's there, and I don't think about it enough. I eat (or ate) chocolate far too frequently, and therefore didn't appreciate it.

This year, when the Creme Eggs started appearing in the shops, I thought, yum. Then I thought, "I don't really need one today. Maybe next week." I have been thinking that since January and it's now April and I haven't had one yet! I will treat myself to one on Easter, just one. I don't want to never eat chocolate or ice cream or fried food again. I just want to be able to say, this truly is a treat, something that I have occasionally and make allowances for.

I'm going to really enjoy that Creme Egg.

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