Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Less than four weeks to go

We're in Week 9 of the 12 Week Body Transformation already! Wow.

So far, I've lost 11.6kg since the start of pre-season, 6.6kg (8.67% of my body weight) since the 12 weeks actually started. So it has slowed down; I've certainly not been perfect. There are now less than four weeks until the end, my tickets to Melbourne for the final workout and party are booked, and I have 4.5kg to go until my goal. Time to refocus and kick butt!

I recently looked at some family photos we had done before Christmas. I didn't realise until now that I really was overweight. No wonder people have noticed a change! Best of all, I can move more easily, my digestive system isn't playing up as much, and today I fit into a pair of jeans I still had stashed away from more than five years ago, before my second pregnancy.

(Laziness paid off a bit here. Last winter I needed new jeans, so I went to my favourite op shop on a 50% off day. I didn't have time to try things on, so I grabbed four pairs that looked like they'd fit and were in a style I like. At $2.50/pair, I figured I couldn't go wrong. Two pairs fit me and saw me through last winter. Two were quite a bit too small and I kept meaning to sell them on eBay. I never got around to it, and today they fit me perfectly! So I now have two 'new' pairs of jeans - one pair are Levis! - and one old favourite for this winter.)

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