Friday, April 29, 2011

DITL 12WBT style

That's a day in the life, 12 Week Body Transformation style, if you can't decipher the acronyms.

I actually forgot to take a photo when the alarm first went off, had to go back and take it 7 minutes later!

Water and supplements to start the day.

The shoes are by the door, JFDI.

Other paraphernalia (iPhone armband, earphones, heart-rate monitor & HRM strap).

Ready to go. Long-sleeved running top because it's a little chilly, relatively speaking (it was about 8 degrees, but after the endless summer we've had here in Perth, it feels very cold).

This is what greeted me when I got out the front gate. After I literally ran into my neighbour walking his dogs. I had to laugh because my first thought was "what the heck is he doing up at this time??" when obviously I was just as crazy!

Back! Only time for 20 minutes of intervals today - luckily that fits nicely with a route around a few blocks, keeping to the main streets where it's well-lit.

Cooling down now.

Time to make brekky.

My best friend in the mornings.

Breakfast: porridge with berries, and COFFEE.

Time for a bit of computer catch-up while I eat.

Look over the to-do list.

Shower time.

And face, deodorant, teeth (you'll have to imagine my toothbrush & toothpaste).

Need a belt so my pants won't fall down (and these are jeans that didn't even fit last winter - the 12WBT works!!)

Interrupted by a sweet little girl, who gets carried to the big bed to snuggle daddy (note the artistic photography to keep daddy out of the picture, as he would not appreciate his sleeping self being broadcast to the blogosphere). Daddy will be getting her off to daycare and the bigger two off to my parents' house before he goes to work.

Evie's bag ready for daycare, and my morning tea ready for work.

Dressed - thank goodness we dress casual at work (I do back-office data processing for banks & government entities).

It's a bit cold.

Time to go!

The view out the front gate is a little nicer second time round.


... and I'm here. Sorry, this is the carpark out front - I'm probably not really supposed to post photos of my workplace on the internet, so I won't!

Now imagine me inside for 3 hours because, yeh, no photos inside :)

Done! Walking home.

At my parents' house (next door to mine) to pick the big kids up.

We're home.

Washing on (that's a 10kg washing machine, LOVE it, means only one load most days now that Evie's out of day nappies).

Washing to fold.

And folded.

The organic fruit and veg delivery arrives (mostly fruit, I've still got quite a lot of vegies, and the kids go through that much fruit easily).

Don't forget to drink water!

Lunch time: leftover 12WBT-friendly kangaroo lasagne from last night, with mixed salad leaves.

Emma and Alastair waiting for the bus - we're heading to the shopping centre to watch Hop at the movies.

Here comes the bus!

I get a coffee so that I don't eat their popcorn!

On the bus home.

Running up the street to get Evie from daycare.

... and running back down the street with Evie in tow.

A quick stop at the playground (fully fenced so I can relax).

Home again!

Breakfast for dinner. Trimmed free-range bacon, scrambled organic eggs (no milk/cream/butter), organic baked beans, organic tomato, on a bed of organic rocket. Mmmmmmm, so good. The kids are happy too (except they don't eat rocket or tomato).

I stopped there, that was enough. You missed the excitement of the kids having a bath, their dad finally getting home, and getting them to bed, which at 9.20pm is still a work in progress!

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