Sunday, August 28, 2011

City to Surf

We did it!! Fellow Perth Crew member Karin and I completed the City to Surf half-marathon this morning. Firstly, I have to say Karin is an absolute rockstar. She originally had this race as her goal, but injured herself towards the beginning of Round 2 and had to have six weeks off running. She hadn't trained towards this (though had still been running approximately 50km a week), and made a last minute decision YESTERDAY AFTERNOON to register. Karin absolutely smashed it in 2:08, I take my hat off to her!

I was absolutely ecstatic with my unofficial time of 1:59.35 - that's from my RunKeeper app which I started as I crossed the start line. The race clock said 2:01 as I crossed, but I'm hoping like mad my official time scrapes in under the two hour mark!! 5-6 minutes quicker than my first half-marathon three weeks ago, and this is a much tougher course. If you're from Perth or have visited, you may know it's pretty flat. I think this course manages to find every hill in the Perth metropolitan area ;)

The 12WBT Perth Crew were represented in every distance today from 4km to the amazing three women who completed their first full marathon. We are all achieving much more than we ever thought possible, and I don't think we would be there if not for Michelle Bridges and the 12 Week Body Transformation. I know I wouldn't.

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