Saturday, August 27, 2011

Half-marathon prep

Carbs for dinner: check

Picked up race kit: check

Filled bottles for Fuel Belt (one water, one electrolyte drink): check

Clothes laid out: check
- shoes
- special race day socks (toe socks! Love 'em)
- leggings
- Perth Crew singlet (of course)
- sports bra
- comfy undies
- old too-big jumper to toss at the start line (City to Surf do 'Flick your Kit' so I can donate this and it saves having to pick up clothing at the finish, will need a jumper for the walk to the start though)

Accessories laid out: check
- Fuel Belt
- armband for iPhone
- Halo headphones-in-a-headband
- visor for when that sun hits

Fuel belt pocket loaded: check
- $20 note (for emergency coffee/food/drink purchases afterwards)
- credit card (for same, or for emergency taxi ride home if necessary - hubby can't pick me up)
- front door key
- GU chews (carbohydrates + caffeine) - these work for me, I don't think I could take a gel but these are good.
- mini protein bar for afterwards - yes, these are the ones that were given out at finale, love them.

Timing chip threaded onto shoelaces and tested for comfort: check

Breakfast planned (wholemeal English muffin with jam): check

Playlist programmed into my iPhone: check

And running is supposed to be simple!!

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