Monday, August 22, 2011

Finale wrap-up

Welcome to Brisvegas! The weather on Friday afternoon and on Saturday was perfect; quite a change from Round 1 finale in Melbourne. I must say that by Friday night I was absolutely wrecked though. I did the red-eye that left Perth at 1.30am Friday morning (was meant to be 12.30am but was delayed, gee that was fun waiting around Perth's boring domestic airport at that hour), so I got into Brisbane at about 8am. The hotel room wasn't ready until 2pm, so I walked around Brisbane all day - down into the city, across the bridge to Southbank, along Southbank to the Goodwill Bridge and then through the Botanic gardens. Very pretty - but I was tired!! I grabbed about half an hour's sleep before going in to the Hilton to help pack gift bags for a couple of hours. A not-very-quiet dinner with the Perth Crew and then an early night for me.

Saturday morning: workout time. I had heaps of fun helping to register people and matching up a few faces to usernames, before it was time to get sweaty. I did advanced and I really felt like I kept up better than I did in Melbourne - possibly because there were very few sit-ups!! My number one goal for Round 3 is going to be do a damn full sit-up.

It was just really fun and uplifting; such a good vibe around the group.

Saturday night: party time. I need to get some better photos off other people's cameras, but this is me and the absolutely gorgeous and inspiring Noala Gotsis (aka Tink on the forums). She's a Perth girl and just so lovely, I can't wait to see her hit her goal weight this round because I KNOW she's going to do it.

Overall it was such a huge weekend but so much fun. The winners - and everybody I met - inspired me so much, and I can't wait to hit Round 3 hard.

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