Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ready, set ...

... GO! Tomorrow morning, anyway.

It's a busier week than normal for me as I'm working extra hours with my Business Development Manager in town from Sydney. It's also my birthday on Tuesday! Workouts are diarised - all squeezed in somewhere. Food plan is adjusted for the nights I need to cook something quicker. Lasagne was made tonight, for example, for eating a couple of times during the week, and I'm about to go boil my eggs for lunches.

I did my fitness test this afternoon and FINALLY got past stage 0 in abs, well, I think I did. I worry that maybe I was swinging my arms a little to get momentum?? But it's definitely an improvement and I'll take it. 1km time trial was 4:09, which included dodging half a dozen groups of wedding photography, the downside of running in a notoriously picturesque park on a beautiful spring day. Pushups 32, I definitely need to work on that and hopefully Lean & Strong will see that figure increase significantly.

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