Monday, September 19, 2011


I went hard today; I had to do the workout in two parts but I got it all done. Mostly in the gym this morning before a quick meeting at work - followed by a site meeting with the supervisor for our renovation, since I'm not even supposed to work Mondays. THAT'S another story, major stuff-up and huge stressor.

I had to leave the single leg calf raises and ab circuit for home, which isn't ideal but isn't really a huge problem as they don't require equipment. I struggle to get more than 45 minutes in the gym due to fitting in work, school drop-off and school pick-up, and I can't let it become an excuse again.

Today was legs (quads and calves) and at least on these ones I can make the bottom end of the recommended weight range!! When I did back and biceps last week it was quite pitiful, really. I'm sure I'll see improvements in 12 weeks :)

I think I will be sore tomorrow.

Food-wise, this week hasn't been perfect but it has been good. Lots of good choices, and some better-than-they-might-have-been choices ;)

In more exciting news, I have booked flights and accommodation for the Round 3 finale in Sydney. The Perth Crew are coming over in force!

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  1. Going well!!! I'm making the mins for lower bod, but not quite on upper body, but i'm excited for all that this round will bring (Sydney included!)