Sunday, March 20, 2011

Today was a good exercise in JFDI

My period started yesterday. I think most people reading this are probably women, so we all know how that feels.

This morning I woke up and I did not want to run. I was sore from basketball yesterday. I was tired. But I'd promised myself a new personal best today, I was going to run 12 kilometres. So I just put on those shoes and got out the door. The first 2km was awful - not sure whether my brain or my body was protesting more. However, I pushed through, and I made it! 12.63km in fact, as my GPS was playing up on RunKeeper and I had to estimate and then adjust the mapping when I got home.

I followed that with taking three kids to the pool for a birthday party, and then riding my bike over to a friend's place to deliver her some food (she just had her sixth baby). OK, so I succumbed to some party food for lunch, but in my defence the family all work with food and it was SO yummy. I had two small squares of pizza, and a petit-four-sized vanilla slice. And a skim-milk coffee. It's a confession, but I don't feel bad about it ;)

Next Sunday I have a 6km fun run. 10km in April, 14km in May, and my big goal, 21.1km (half-marathon) in August.

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  1. Georgie
    12km and then some is AWESOME.
    The farthest I've run is 15km so far, aiming for 18km this weekend.

    I'm with you... if you've done a run and a ride in one day, a few extra calories is not going to bother you.