Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hitting it hard

I was disappointed with myself last week. So this week I am hitting it HARD. Thursday I did a 10km run plus 3km of walking (the walking wasn't really a choice, had to go shopping). Friday I joined my kids rollerskating instead of sitting on the sidelines - I felt kind of silly but burned 600 calories over the two hours!

This morning I did a boxing class for the first time ever. It was pretty fun ... but I did forget my heart rate monitor. The woman who encouraged me to come along said she burned over 600 calories though, so I'm going to assume I did at least 500, plus the walk to and from the class. Then this afternoon a friend roped me into playing basketball with her social team. I am a netballer, and even then my skills are rusty. I think I gave it a good go, even if I did keep stopping when I got the ball, heh. I couldn't wear my HRM though - no watches allowed - so I don't know how many I burned there either!

Tomorrow I will run to Kings Park (about 3.5km uphill), do a group training session with the 12WBT Perth crew, and then either run, walk or crawl home depending on how I feel. Hoping to hit the 1000 calorie mark!

My food hasn't been perfect, but it's been okay. I hope the scales reflect the extra work!

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