Sunday, March 13, 2011

Smashed it this morning

Yay! This morning I went to a group training session in Kings Park with a whole lot of other Perth 12WBT participants. It was fun - in a painful way - and combined with the 3.5km uphill run there, the 3.5km run to the shops and 1.5km walk home, I burned 1414 calories in just under 3 hours.

I am glad tomorrow is my core/stretch day, though, because I am very sore. My bottom hurts from falling over rollerskating, I did something to a muscle in my hand at boxing, I have a big bruise on one knee from basketball and well, I'm just sore all over from this morning!

I am proud of all the new things I've been trying, which was one of my goals. Since starting the 12WBT, I've done the following for the first time:

1. Body Combat class
2. Body Balance class
3. Body Pump class
4. boxing class
5. a game of basketball
6. group training session

I've also run 10km twice, and done 6 sets of Jacob's Ladder. I've done both those things before, but not since I was 16.

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