Monday, October 10, 2011

This is my week

... generally, if I am not blogging it is not a good sign! It usually means I feel guilty about something. ;)

The past few weeks haven't been that bad though; just really busy. I have been struggling badly with sugar cravings recently, so I'm going to try taking chromium, which is supposed to balance out your blood sugar and help combat sugar cravings.

Last week and this week are school holidays here in Perth. Last week was pretty chaotic childcare-wise, and this week was going to be worse, because my mother, who usually helps me out a lot with childcare, is interstate for the week. In the end we have shipped them off to the in-laws for the week, down past Mandurah, which is a couple of hours south of here. MIL and I don't see entirely eye-to-eye parenting-wise, but I know she loves the kids and will take good care of them and they will have a great time. I miss my babies, but that does mean this is MY week - I can get to the gym before or after work instead of having to rush through a workout in my lunch break. I can go for a run in the morning without having to factor in getting the kids ready before getting to work. I can cook just for hubby and me instead of working around fussy children. And okay, tonight we are going out to eat because we can. Vietnamese :) I am thinking fresh rice paper roll entree & something with heaps of vegies for a main. Nom nom.

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