Thursday, July 14, 2011

A challenge for next week

Awesome personal trainer and fellow 12WBT Ambassador Michelle Bryant set us Perth women (& men, I believe there is one male crew member and then a few husbands/partners who sometimes tag along) a challenge this week: burn 1000 calories every day. This was actually the catalyst to my brain-spew. Ugh. I couldn't do it!!

Once I was looking at things a bit more rationally I thought, okay, I really can't do it this week, but NEXT week my kids are going to be away for at least half the week. It's school holidays here and they're going to stay down at the beach with my in-laws to give my mum a break from watching them all the time while I work. So this is my challenge for next week, starting on Sunday with City to Surf hill training.

Everything I've read suggests that when training for a long race, you should peak distance-wise two weeks before the event, and do shorter distances from there on in. With that in mind, I did 16km last weekend, I'll aim for 19km this weekend and 22km the one after (the lake I run around is approximately 3km around), and then taper. With the kids away, though, I'll actually be able to go to the gym and mix things up a bit. Maybe some classes ... can't do the morning ones as I work early, but with no kids there's no reason not to do a 5.30pm class. And some swimming, I've missed swimming. I have size 10 bathers that FIT!! The 14s were gaping a bit, heh.

Only four weeks of this round left; in five weeks I'll be getting ready to go to Brisbane for finale. I'm still undecided about Round 3; while I've reached my goal weight I have definitely NOT reached my toning/strength goals. Hmmm.

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